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Hello and welcome to Locale Woodfire Catering! My name is Anthony Misale.

I profoundly believe in the willingness to bring enthusiasm to learning, in sharing ideas and skills within our community to better enhance our human experience. And who among us doesn’t attribute food as a heartfelt experience of being human? The preparation of a meal, sitting down with loved ones to nourish our appetites, fuel our bodies and enjoy the wholesomeness. These experiences can be mediocre or an outright delight. I believe in the latter.

Recently, I was invited to TAFE SA to teach young aspiring chefs about traditional artisan woodfire pizza. As part of my mission to make every meal a memorable moment, it was my humble pleasure to pass on my experience to the next generation of chefs in Adelaide.

At the end of our session together, I welcomed an interactive Q&A. I believe the questions that we discussed were relevant and important to know for everyone endeavouring in a career path as a chef, regardless of the cuisine or their hospitality establishment of choice. In fact, some questions were so good that they require a whole blog to go more in depth.

Stay with us to find out our opinion on “Woodfired vs Gas Pizza Ovens” and what it all means for a pizza, in the next blog.

The questions and my answers are as follows:

What are your motivations to teach students your traditional artisan pizza skills?

I want to teach students about hospitality because I believe there are a lot of life skills to learn from the industry. For example, you learn how to cook, communicate with staff and customers which helps with self confidence and you can also gain skills to open your own shop one day, if you work hard enough. Most of these skills you will use in everyday life and if they can succeed then so does my purpose.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

Seeing kids enjoying their time and having the opportunity to be able to give students a different perspective on their career opportunities.

What advice do you have for young aspiring chefs?

Work hard. Learn as much as you can from other chefs. Don’t be afraid to approach restaurants for work experience. Opportunities are abundant, you just need the right mindset, attitude and willingness to create your own opportunities.

What are the main skills of a competent chef?

Knife skills, occupational health and safety, a good understanding of food and preparation. 

What skills are the most important to develop to be successful as a chef?

Often it doesn’t come down to skills, but disciplines. Be enthusiastic about learning. Love challenges and don’t run away from what’s hard. Everything is hard when you don’t have experience. Your skills are a constant development in progress, and never a finished product.

I also believe that doing a TAFE course is beneficial to any aspiring chef as it will give you all the tools needed to pursue success as a chef. 

What is the worst part of the work?

Cleaning up…

What’s your first memory of your love for cooking?

One of my first memories of cooking was being asked to cook by our head chef one night because his supporting chef had been absent from work. I was nervous as I had never really cooked professionally, and it was going to be a busy night. I didn’t really have much of a choice, so I got in the kitchen and followed the instructions from my chef. We got through the night without a hitch and from that day I began my career as a chef. 

Describe your style in three words

Italian, traditional, wholesome. 

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my Nonna. I grew up with her style of food and always loved going to nonna’s for Sunday lunch. I deeply cherish my memories of time spent around the dining table with my family. It became my decisive business model to recreate wholesome experiences with every meal I serve. If the experience of what you serve isn’t memorable, it’s forgettable.

What four ingredients are essential in your kitchen?

Flour, peeled tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Creating my catering company. 

Favourite kitchen equipment?

My wood-oven because it’s challenging to learn how to master heating consistency. 

If you would also love to learn, or perhaps you’re thinking of purchasing a wood oven for your home and need helpful tips, I offer a training service to go through the fundamentals of how to use and maintain your wood oven in Adelaide, be sure to contact me at

Thank you for reading and for your support.

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