Locale Woodfire Catering brings the true taste of Italy to events in Adelaide with its mobile wood-fired pizza catering. The team has over 15 years of experience making pizzas at their family restaurant, Carmine and Co., in Port Adelaide. The team is led by head chef Antonino. He’s really into Italian food and wood-fired cooking. Thus, they ensure every event they cater is filled with the flavours of authentic Italian food. Contact us today to make your event unforgettable with our exceptional services.

Experience Authentic Italian Flavours on the Go

Locale Woodfire Catering brings Italy’s taste to your event with its mobile pizza service. Their chefs make various wood-fired pizzas. Each pizza is filled with real Italian tastes and fresh, top-quality ingredients. These pizzas are perfect for any event. Locale’s pizzas will make everyone feel like they’re in Italy, be it a fun party, a corporate meet-up, or a fancy wedding.

Indulge in Wood-Fired Perfection

Locale’s wood-fired pizzas showcase real Italian cooking. Chefs make them using old methods and the best local ingredients. With crispy crusts and perfectly chosen toppings, every slice is a party of Italian food culture.

From Party to Corporate Event

Locale Woodfire Catering adapts to all kinds of gatherings. From small get-togethers to big events, their pizzas are a hit. Any event, like a birthday bash, a work do, or a fancy wedding, becomes special with their pizza. It’s a taste adventure that people won’t forget, wanting more of Italy’s authentic flavours.

wood fired pizza catering

The Convenience of Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza

Locale Woodfire Catering’s mobile wood-fired pizza service brings authentic Italian cuisine to where you are. They move the wood-fired oven to your party, making it easy for you. Now, everyone can enjoy the tasty, smoky wood-fired pizza catering Adelaide at your event. This service works great for outdoor parties or private events. Hot, fresh pizzas make the event more fun and real.


Feature Benefit
Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Service Bring the authentic taste of Italy directly to your event, eliminating the need for traditional catering logistics.
Convenient Setup and Service Locale’s team handles all the setup and service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and your guests.
Lively, Interactive Experience The sight of freshly prepared wood-fired pizzas captivates guests and adds an element of excitement to the occasion.


Locale Woodfire Catering offers mobile wood-fired pizza service that meets today’s needs. It’s all about tasty meals and a great vibe at your event.


Crafted by Expert Chefs

Locale Woodfire Catering shines thanks to its Italian pizza chefs, who have decades of experience and use traditional methods when making pizzas for events.

Mastering Traditional Techniques

At Locale, the chefs are keepers of traditional Italian cooking. They’ve learned the secrets of making pizza well. Every step from the dough to the wood-fired oven is full of ancient wisdom.

They make sure each pizza reflects Italy’s rich food tradition.

Generations of Italian Culinary Heritage

The chefs at Locale are more than skilled. They are Italy’s culinary ambassadors. Growing up in family kitchens taught them the best seasoning, how to balance toppings, and how to bake in a wood-fired oven.

This strong tie to their culture makes Locale’s pizzas stand out. Every bite tastes like centuries of Italian food knowledge.

Customisable Menus for Every Occasion

At Locale Woodfire Catering, we know every event is special. Each has its own tastes and food needs. We made our menu easy to adjust so clients can tailor their meals.

Classic and Innovative Toppings

Our chefs love to mix the classics with the innovative in our pizzas. You’ll find Italian staples like pepperoni, olives, and special gourmet picks. Our wood-fired pizza topping options cover all kinds of flavours.

Catering to Dietary Needs

We care deeply about sharing our tastes with everyone. That’s why we offer lots of options. Whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, our chefs know how to make everyone happy. Together with our clients, we ensure no guest is left out.

mobile wood fired pizza – A Delightful Dining Experience

Locale Woodfire Catering’s mobile wood-fired pizza brings a delightful dining experience. It’s inspired by Italian cuisine’s rich flavours and vibrant vibes. Their wood-fired pizza catering experience turns any event into a feast. It feels like being at a real Italian gathering.

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

Locale uses fresh, high-quality pizza ingredients from local sources. This means their pizzas explode with Italy’s true tastes. Every pizza they make tells a story of skill and love for food.

Lively Italian Atmosphere

Watch as skilled chefs at Locale prepare pizzas with flair. The dough dance is a show that excites and brings everyone together. The authentic Italian catering atmosphere fills the air with the sweet scent of wood-fired magic, making you feel like you are part of a real Italian party.

Trusted by Satisfied Customers

Locale Woodfire Catering is known for exceptional service and quality. Satisfied customers often leave rave reviews. They appreciate the delicious wood-fired pizzas and the friendly team. The experience they offer is seamless from start to finish, making them a trusted and reliable pizza catering service in Adelaide.

Rave Reviews from Events

Customers love their customer reviews for wood-fired pizza catering. They enjoy the wood-fired pizzas’ taste and authenticity, and the lively and interactive vibe of the catering is well-praised. A corporate function beneficiary said, “Locale’s reliable pizza catering in Adelaide made our event. Guests loved the pizzas, and the staff were amazing.”

Exceptional Service and Quality

Being a top-rated pizza catering service comes from delivering quality food. Clients love the food and the personalized service. A happy bride shared, “Locale made our wedding memorable. The wood-fired pizzas were a hit. The team was friendly and efficient, adding to our joy.”

The Perfect Catering Solution for Adelaide

Want the best catering for your Adelaide event? Locale Woodfire Catering is your go-to. They offer a top-notch wood-fired pizza catering service. It’s perfect for any occasion, from big corporate dos to small family parties.

Versatile for Any Event

Locale makes versatile pizza catering for events their speciality. Enjoy their delish wood-fired pizzas at any event. Their unique mobile setup means pizza comes fresh from the oven to your guests.

Supporting Local Businesses

Locale is all about backing local Adelaide talent. They pick ingredients and products locally, supporting nearby businesses. When you choose Locale, you’re not just getting great locally sourced pizza catering; you’re helping the local food and catering scene thrive.

Bringing the Joy of Italian Cuisine to You

Locale Woodfire Catering aims to spread the joy of real Italian food at every event. They don’t just serve food. They aim to build a feeling of togetherness and joy that you’d find at an Italian family gathering.

Creating a Sense of Community

With their mobile wood-fired pizza catering, Locale changes events into Italian-style celebrations. The making of pizzas together, the full taste, and the lively atmosphere pull everyone closer. Guests can’t help but love the whole experience as an Italian cultural event.

More Than Just a Meal

Locale Woodfire Catering is about bringing Italian food to events and strengthening the community through food. Their wood-fired pizza catering is more than just a meal. It’s a chance to dive into Italy’s warmth and lively customs. It makes for new friends and treasured memories, lasting well beyond the event.


Locale Woodfire Catering brings the taste of Italy to parties across Adelaide with its unique wood-fired pizza service. Their skilled chefs use traditional methods, passed down through the years, to create pizzas that will make anyone feel they’re in Italy.

They offer custom menus and top-notch ingredients and aim to make every party feel alive. Locale Woodfire Catering is the top choice for pizza catering in Adelaide. No matter the event size, they ensure it’s filled with the happiness and tastes of Italy.

Locale Woodfire Catering doesn’t just do pizza; it brings a full slice of Italy to your celebration. Their service is more than food; it’s a celebration of Italy’s culinary history and love for food. For any event, big or small, they are a perfect choice to spread joy and the authentic flavours of Italy.


What makes Locale Woodfire Catering’s mobile wood-fired pizza service unique?

They bring real Italian flavours to Adelaide’s events. Their skilful chefs make top-quality wood-fired pizzas.

What types of events can Locale Woodfire Catering cater for?

Their service is suitable for events of all sizes, from small get-togethers to big weddings and corporate events.

How does the mobile wood-fired pizza service work?

They bring the oven to your event, cutting down on catering fuss. Guests enjoy freshly made pizza with a smoky taste.

What is the expertise and experience of Locale Woodfire Catering’s chefs?

The chefs are experts in Italian cuisine, with 15 years of experience. They know how to make real wood-fired pizzas using old family recipes.

Can Locale Woodfire Catering accommodate dietary requirements?

Yes, they can. They ensure everyone enjoys their delicious pizzas, no matter their diet.

What is the overall experience of Locale Woodfire Catering’s mobile wood-fired pizza service?

Their service offers a taste and feel of Italy with every pizza. It’s a lively and interactive dining experience, perfect for any event.

What do Locale Woodfire Catering’s customers say about their service?

Customers love their service. They often mention the fantastic pizzas, the helpful staff, and smoothly everything goes.

How does Locale Woodfire Catering support the local Adelaide community?

They work with local suppliers to get the best ingredients. By choosing them, you help support Adelaide’s food and hospitality scene.

What is the core mission of Locale Woodfire Catering?

They aim to share the happiness of Italian food at every event. It’s about creating a community feel, like a true Italian gathering.

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