At Locale Woodfire Catering, our pizza catering truck delivers the best wood-fired pizzas to your event. It offers a tasty and special mobile pizza catering experience for any event. Locale Woodfire Catering, based in Adelaide, is a family-run business that specialises in authentic Italian cuisine and wood-fired catering.

Antonino, the main chef, has over 15 years of pizza-making experience. He’s been cooking at his family’s Carmine and Co. restaurant in Port Adelaide. Now, he’s on a new path, sharing the true Italian cooking at events around Adelaide. Contact us today to make your event unforgettable with our exceptional service.

Experience Authentic Wood-Fired Italian Pizza Catering

At Locale Woodfire Catering, we bring the taste of Italy’s heart to you with our wood-fired pizzas. Our chefs are experts, mixing tradition with fresh, top-notch ingredients to create a wide range of pizzas. Each pizza is a delicious journey through traditional Italian tastes.

Indulge in Traditional Flavors and Fresh Ingredients

Our wood-fired pizzas range from classic Margherita to unique gourmet choices. We aim for the best taste by using local ingredients whenever we can. So, whether it’s a simple Prosciutto e Rucola or the rich taste of a Quattro Formaggi, your guests will enjoy the real Italian pizza experience.

Crafted by Expert Chefs with Years of Experience

Behind our service are certified chefs with extensive experience. They’ve worked in top Italian restaurants, mastering traditional cooking and bringing passion to their jobs. They carefully make each pizza so your guests’ dining experience is both special and delicious.

Lively Italian Atmosphere for Any Event

Our pizza service offers great food and brings an Italian scene to life. The wood-fired oven’s crackling, the chefs’ joyful talk—it all feels like a visit to Italy. Your guests will be part of a lively trattoria scene right where they are.

wood-fired pizza catering

Pizza Catering Truck: The Perfect Choice for Your Event

Locale Woodfire Catering’s pizza truck is great for many events. It’s perfect for corporate gatherings, weddings, and birthdays. Our mobile pizzeria brings tasty, hassle-free Italian dining to your event.

Corporate Events: Hassle-Free Dining Experience

Our pizza catering is perfect for corporate events. It offers easy and tasty dining with traditional wood-fired pizzas. We focus on efficient service for your busy guests to ensure a great time.

Weddings: Refined Three-Course Menu and Italian Classics

Make your wedding special with our three-course menu. It features our famous wood-fired pizzas and classic Italian meals. Our team will help you choose dishes that match your wedding’s elegance, ensuring a memorable day.

Birthdays: Tailored Menu for a Memorable Celebration

Our truck makes birthday celebrations unforgettable. We’ll create a menu full of Italian authenticity just for you. Whether your party is big or small, we bring joy and flavour to your event.


Locale Woodfire Catering: A Family-Owned Business

Locale Woodfire Catering is a proud family-owned business in Adelaide. They add a special authentic Italian culinary tradition to every event. With over 15 years in the field, the Locale team is passionate about real Italian flavours and cooking methods.

Authentic Italian Culinary Tradition

Locale Woodfire Catering makes each event special with a slice of Italian heritage. They focus on top-notch service, making every pizza catering experience unique. Their family-owned pizza catering service captures the essence of Italian food, making events in Adelaide unforgettable.

Personal Touch for Every Event

No matter the occasion, you can count on Locale Woodfire Catering for customised service. They’re experts at turning your event into a celebration of Italian culinary tradition. Their personalised pizza catering is suited for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and more.

The Pizza Catering Truck Experience

At the core of the pizza catering truck vibe are Locale Woodfire Catering’s certified and expert chefs. They are true pros of Italian cooking. With more than 15 years of practice, they focus on authentic wood-fired pizzas and traditional Italian meals. Their recipes have been passed down through generations of Italian cuisine.

Locale tries to get their ingredients locally to support local businesses. This helps make the best food, bringing the taste of Italian food. No matter the event, their food captures the essence of Italian cuisine.


Certified Pizza Chefs Authentic Italian Recipes Locally Sourced Ingredients
Locale Woodfire Catering’s expert chefs have over 15 years of experience in authentic Italian cooking. The recipes used by Locale’s chefs have been passed down through generations, preserving the time-honoured traditions of Italian cuisine. Locale sources produce locally whenever possible, supporting local businesses and ensuring the highest quality end product.


At Locale Woodfire Catering, we’re proud to share Italy’s tastes with you. Our pizza truck is more than a treat. It’s a fun, moving pizza shop honouring Italy’s food story.

Planning a big work, a wedding, or a birthday bash? We’ve got you covered. Our skilled chefs whip up classics using fresh, local goodies. It’s our way of bringing the spirit of Italy to your table.

Want your event to smell and taste like Italy’s best? Then, Locale Woodfire Catering is your go-to. We’ll craft a food experience that mirrors Italy’s soul, all in Adelaide’s heart. Let’s make your get-together unforgettable.


What type of pizzas does Locale Woodfire Catering offer?

They make authentic wood-fired pizzas using old Italian recipes. The pizzas use top-quality, fresh ingredients.

Where is Locale Woodfire Catering based?

It’s a family-run business in Adelaide, South Australia.

What types of events can the pizza catering truck cater for?

They cater to events such as corporate gatherings, weddings, and birthdays.

What is the experience like at a Locale Woodfire Catering event?

It turns your event into a piece of Italy. Your guests will love the classic and new pizza toppings.

What is the background of Locale Woodfire Catering’s chefs?

Their chefs are skilled, with more than 15 years of experience in pizza making. They’re into Italian food and work hard to keep the real Italian taste alive.

How does Locale Woodfire Catering ensure the quality of their pizzas?

They pick their ingredients locally. This helps them support local farms and give you the best Italian taste at your event.

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